Industrial Sites and Warehouses PLC

Industrial Sites and Warehouses PLC is managing two projects: the facilities of industrial zone Svilengrad and the project for a business complex of warehouses " Sofia - West" on the territory of Economic Zone Sofia - Bozhurishte. The company Industrial Sites and Warehouses PLC aims at increasing the investment potential of the country through construction and supply to investors of ready-built production and storage halls and business premises.



  • First class location
  • Excellent transport links
  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Assistance and partnership

Our Proposals

Industrial Sites and Warehouses PLC offers production halls, warehouses, offices and industrial sites with fully developed infrastructure and first class service.


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For the investor

There are attractive opportunities for buying or renting land in Industrial Zone Svilengrad - areas with ready-built infrastructure and different sizes - 2, 5, 10, 14, 27 acres in Svilengrad, suitable for construction of warehouses, industrial and office buildings.

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